Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What am I getting myself into?

I have been in contact with my advisor about which classes I should register for. In our first communication, she told me to register for the two classes she was taking and a research methods class with some other professor. She also said she would tell me another class after she returned to the US.
Now, she is back, and I need to register for classes. In my first communication with her, she told me to also register for an independent study with her as well as another class with a professor in our department. She also said that I could take another class I was interested in.
Panicking a little because it seems that I am to register for a few too many classes, I asked her how many credits I should plan on taking this semester as well as how many credits of independent study should I sign up for with her.
Her reply involved taking another class in the sociology department, which is actually a class I cannot imagine I will need given my background.
I guess I will just register for a few of the classes and see which ones make the most sense for me to take and drop the rest later.

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