Saturday, August 21, 2010


All of the moving is finally done for this summer at least. Hard to say where we will be a year from now, but it seems so nice to feel settled somewhere for a bit longer than a month or to. Having moved so many times, I really do not feel that moving is a big deal. Sure it does create major inconveniences for a few weeks, but then life kind of settles back to normal. The problem with the moving this summer was that there was just so much of it. From moving from Puxi to Pudong with Yingna to moving back to the US and finally to Buffalo, there was a lot of transition. It feels great to know we will not have to move again for a while. Unless there is a evil ghost in our apartment, and in that case, we assured Hudson we would leave.
Yingna is here now, and it just seems so normal to have her around. We are taking advantage of her presence to explore a little more of our surroundings. One day we just wandered around Main Street. We found two parks that are pretty close to our apartment. Yesterday, we went to the Erie County Fair and we explored downtown Buffalo to locate Anchor Bar which is supposedly home to the original Buffalo Chicken Wings. I tried one, but I was not terribly impressed. Today, we are going to do a little more shopping.
Overall, I think I like the area of Buffalo as well as the area we decided to live in. I think there were be many things to keep us occupied in the city and it is small enough that we can really explore it. There was so much of Shanghai that we never did see.
As to my work, I went in, but only the chair was in the office, and it wasn't his job to help me. I will go in again on Monday and hopefully get things sorted out. There are many things I need to do. I still need to arrange my parking, register for classes, find my office, and get the health insurance all sorted out. We do not have a phone or cable yet either. I am not sure when or if we will get those things.
Next week, Meng and Hudson will go with Yingna to Erie. I am sure it will seem quite lonely in our apartment. However, I have a lot of reading to do and our apartment currently provided very few distractions. Hopefully, it will be a productive week for me as I am really in need of one.

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