Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Day in Michigan

Tomorrow we are moving to Buffalo. Oddly enough, while I have lived in both China and Japan, I have never lived in a state besides Michigan. Somehow leaving Michigan feels more like leaving home than moving to another country. When living in another country, that country could not possibly be my home, so I have the idea that I will always be coming back. Thus, it really seems more like leaving home this time then when we moved previously. The U Haul is all loaded up. We have a bit more loading to do, but I am going to worry about it in the morning. I am not too stressed about it. Most of our stuff we have not seen for 6 years, so what is another bit of time or so. We can live without it.
Today, we went and bought a car. I am excited about it. It is a Subaru Outback '02. I am happy with Meng's negotiating skills and I am happy with the car we got. I hope to report back similar sentiments a year from now. We bought it at a dealership. We looked at it and then it needed to be inspected, and that took some time and then it needed to be cleaned and that took some time. Finally, today we were able to drive it and we decided it would work for us.
I guess now we have everything we will need to start our new life in Buffalo. I will report back.

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